6.6  Load securing aids on the box/crate,
aids to stowage

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As a rule, large, heavy boxes must not be stowed alongside other general cargo because they cannot be secured by the neighboring cargo. They must be stowed and secured separately. Since such packages can only be secured as a tight fit, provisions must be made for securing and attaching the load securing materials. Since the box construction itself is not suitable to withstand large forces, such provision must be made in the region of the load-bearing floor elements or must be attached directly to the packaged goods.


Incorporation of load securing facilities for large, heavy packages (box, crate and sleds or frame constructions).

Floor constructed of lumber:

Tie straps are bolted to the end beams of the floor. Load-securing materials can then be attached to the ends of these, allowing the package to be secured in four directions. If possible, the tie straps should lie flush with the side walls (see Figures 82 and 83):

Figure 82: Tie straps

Side view of a box for heavy cargo (Figure 83) with recesses for the load securing aids in the side walls:

Figure 83: Box

Figure 84: Steel and wood floor construction

Floor constructed from steel in combination with lumber. The slinging aids can also be used for load securing.

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