Proposed interpretations of and amendments to the Annex 13 of the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing
Prof. Hermann Kaps, Peter Andersson
[German version]


1  Weather dependent load assumptions for cargo securing
1.1  Significant wave height
1.2  Long-term statistics
1.3  Significant wave heights assigned to offshore operations
1.4  Reduction of acceleration figures in moderate sea conditions
1.5  Unified interpretation of the „reduction clause“ in the Annex 13
2  Speed reduction in head seas as accepted operational parameter
3  Vessel survival criteria in case of a major cargo shift
4  Additional tipping moment due to the rotational inertia of cargo units
5  Balance of longitudinal sliding and tipping
6  Interpretation of „on deck high“
7  Separate consideration of wind moment in tipping balances
8  Homogeneity of securing arrangements

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