1.2  Static mechanical loads

[German version]

Static mechanical loads encountered during shipping are always storage loads or loads that occur on the loading areas of motionless means of transport. The most typical type of static load is pressure (stacking crush pressure) resulting, for instance, from packages being stacked in a warehouse, a container, a truck or in the hold of a general cargo vessel. Pressure loads such as these act on the surfaces of the lids of the packages subjected to the loads and must be dissipated to the loading surface through the sides and bottoms of the packages.

To achieve the best possible load-bearing capacity with wooden packaging and to prevent the stacked packages from tipping, they must always be placed on a flat, horizontal surface and the load must be evenly distributed across the surfaces of the lids of the packages.

In the case of stacked boxes, an evenly distributed vertical, static load of

    Fpressure = 10 kN/m²    [1 t/m²]

is assumed to be acting on the surfaces of the lids.

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