1  Investigation of load assumptions
[German version]

Due to the considerable variation in vehicle characteristics, road conditions and behavior of individual drivers, current calculation practice makes use of all-inclusive, generalized acceleration values for road freight traffic. According to the current consensus in Germany and a number of other European countries, these are as follows:

  •   Forward: 
  • 0,8 g
  •   Rearward:     
  • 0,5 g
  •   Sideways: 
  • 0,5 g

In several other European countries, the forward acceleration is assumed to be 1.0 g.

The force acting perpendicularly to the loading area that is important both for the friction on the loading area and for the stabilizing moment of a cargo unit is taken as 1.0 g, i.e. the full force of acceleration due to gravity.

In order to get a clearer picture of the situation in reality, typical borderline cases for external loads will be investigated. Accident events will be excluded.

  1.1  Full braking
  1.2  Cornering
  1.3  Lane changing
  1.4  Obstacle avoidance
  1.5  Rolling factor

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