DTV film "Seventy is too much" [German version]

In 1984, the German Transport Insurance Association (DTV) released the film "Seventy is too much". The 34-minute film presents information about risks and problems when transporting goods and is intended to sharpen the awareness of risks among all those involved in transport operations.

Although the material in the film is already over 20 years old, both the film and its title are as relevant today as they were then. According to the transport insurers, the majority of all damage to goods (around 70%) remains avoidable to this day … or, to put it succinctly:

Seventy is too muchSiebzig sind zuviel

Film clips

The video material is presented in the form of Flash clips:

Intro I1’01“
[2.6 MB]

Intro II1’51“
[7 MB]

Who pays for the damage?38″
[2.1 MB]

Let’s ask the insurer!1’40“
[3.5 MB]

Who can help?41″
[1.6 MB]

Stresses during transport1’06“
[2.3 MB]

Moisture, corrosion/corrosion protection2’29“
[5.6 MB]

[1 MB]

Transport packaging / stresses I2’12“
[4.7 MB]

Transport packaging / stresses II1’10“
[3.7 MB]

Stresses – rail1’01“
[3.2 MB]

Stresses – road1’02“
[3.5 MB]

Oceangoing / container traffic1’23“
[4.1 MB]

Stresses – at sea I1’17“
[5 MB]

Stresses – at sea II54″
[2.2 MB]

Stresses – at sea III1’16“
[3 MB]

Transport packaging – testing methods1’15“
[2.9 MB]

Transport packaging – boxes1’29“
[5 MB]

Transport packaging – cartons2’29“
[6.4 MB]

Transport packaging / containers I2’43“
[8 MB]

Transport packaging / containers II1’03“
[2.6 MB]

"White sheep!"2’05“
[5.6 MB]

"Seventy is too much"2’18“
[4.7 MB]

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