Containers [German version]

Containers are increasingly set to replace traditional stowage in holds. Containerization of cargoes is becoming ever more widespread worldwide and almost all products are now transported by container. However, this does not mean that the risks which arise during transport are consequently a thing of the past. The cargoes in containers are still exposed to climatic, biological and chemical stresses, such that the causes of losses which previously occurred in the hold still come about with container transport. If transport is to pass off without loss, selection of a suitable container type is fundamental. However, disparities in the flow of goods mean that suitable containers are not always available, so increasing the significance of cargo care during transport. The following headings contain detailed information about containers.

Table of contents

Cargo securing
Container climate
Container types
Report on the investigation into Flexitanks carried out by Germanischer Lloyd and commissioned by the GDV
Inspection (CSC)
Loss of containers at sea
Permissible loading capacity
Stowage and securing
The securing of containers on deck on a container ship