Fraudulent theft of truck consignments
(phantom carriers)

Loss prevention tips

[German version]

7 In the event of loss

Every case of fraudulent theft of a consignment should always be reported to the authorities. Many cases involve organized fraud, where gangs of offenders have a network for selling the goods using receivers („fences“). Any suspicion to this effect should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

The following data should be made available to investigators to support them in their investigations:

full name of the driver, nationality, color copy of the driver’s personal identification documents,
color copy of the driver’s driving license,
sufficiently high resolution photos/videos of the driver and the vehicle
consignment note
identification numbers / serial numbers of the goods
official contact data (e.g. mobile phone number) for the driver, vehicle license number, state of registration and type designations of the means of transport, (e.g. semitrailer tractor unit of type sampleTractor 1234, AB-CD 1234, Germany / trailer type: SampleTrailer5678, EF-GH 9012, Germany),
color copy of the vehicle documents (vehicle identification number).

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