Types of corrosion according to [58] [German version]

The various types of corrosion are listed in the following table:

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Uniform corrosion

The reaction starts at the surface and proceeds uniformly.
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Localized corrosion (pitting corrosion)

The basis metal is eaten away and perforated in places in the manner of holes, the rest of the surface being affected only slightly or not at all.
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Wide pitting corrosion

The corrosion causes localized scarring.
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Intergranular corrosion

Imperceptible or barely perceptible from outside, since the corrosion proceeds at the grain boundaries.
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Transgranular or intragranular corrosion

The grain boundary material is retained, since the corrosion proceeds preferentially within the grain.
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Galvanic corrosion

Increased corrosion in crevices or cracks or at contact surfaces between two metal articles.
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Selective corrosion

Corrosive attack on structural constituents
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Exfoliation corrosion

Occurs in deformed articles. Corrosion follows „fiber orientation“.
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Interfacial corrosion

Frequently observed at water-air interfaces.

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