3  Extended approaches
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3.5  Fully dynamic approach to calculation

A fully dynamic approach to calculation should not only determine the different loads assumed by the securing devices until equilibrium with the external force, but should also identify the additional forces which are required to bring a cargo unit which has started to move/deform back to a standstill. Such an approach can virtually only be implemented with the assistance of a simulation which models the limited time period of the critical driving situation. The effects of buildup phases and of pitching and rolling oscillations outlined in section 1 can be taken into account in this way.

One essential item of information from typical, calculated cases is the magnitude of the stated additional forces and their dependency on the parameters involved, such as friction coefficients and the elasticity of cargo securing devices. Evaluating such items of information should allow for all-inclusive allowances to be defined and recommendations for laying out securing arrangements to be drafted.

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