Fraudulent theft of truck consignments
(phantom carriers)

Loss prevention tips

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6 Delivery of the goods

From the perspective of the client

The customer should check that the agreed delivery dates are met. If the driver cannot meet the delivery date, the transport company should be asked to provide an explanation. If no plausible explanation is given, the police should be contacted immediately.

From the perspective of the driver

If the place of delivery is changed by the purported recipient, the driver or the transport company should request instructions from the customer confirming the place of delivery. If it is uncertain whether the purported recipient is bona fide, the driver should proceed to the original delivery location and, if necessary, contact the police

Before handing over the goods to the recipient, the driver should reliably check the identity of the recipient by means of their official identity card. If there is any uncertainty with respect to the place of delivery or the identity of the recipients, the consignment should not be unloaded and the customer should be contacted for further instructions.

An interface check should be performed when handing over the consignment to the recipient. The results of this should be noted in the consignment note and countersigned by the recipient.

From the perspective of the recipient

In order to be able to trace any irregularities during transportation, the identity of the driver should be reliably determined on the basis of his official identity card and compared with the data received in the advance shipping notice.

If any discrepancies arise, an explanation should be requested from the transport company. If no plausible explanation is forthcoming, the quantity and condition of the packages should be checked particularly stringently during the interface check. In addition, the load units should be separated in order to check the packages. If any packages are missing or do not have the correct contents, the police should be notified.

The recipient should inform the customer that transportation has been completed correctly and of any irregularities.

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