Photo of the month – December 2013 –
Christmas special 4
[German version]

Bulk cotton

Foto des Monats - Dezember 2013 - Weihnachts-Special 4

Figure 1 [Rüdiger Hagelweide]

We all assume the cotton is a light consignment until we are confronted with a 200 kg bale of cotton of bulletproof consistency. In this case, the cotton is not compacted but is instead being transported as a kind of cross between general cargo and bulk cargo. It has to be admitted that there is a certain artistry in the ropework involved in "securing" this load.

And yet, in principle, ropes can be used effectively to secure loads directly. Sadly, this kind of securing demands that the loader is familiar with a couple of knots. And because road users, even in the transport industry, do not have this knowledge, this kind of securing has been "banned" by the German Trade Association. This is rather a pity, because we believe that, given the right ropework skills, it is in many cases possible to secure a load quicker, better and more efficiently with ropes than with belts, chains or wire ropes.

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