Photo of the month – October 2003 [German version]

Figure 1    [W. Jaspers]

Empties throwing their weight around:

The semitrailer was loaded up with empties in Hamm-Westfalen (roughly 1500 crates of beer bottles, and 150 thirty-liter barrels). The empties were destined for Munich. But the load didn’t get any further than Kamen (a mere 30 km): Taking a corner at just 10 km/h, the load tipped to the right and distorted the side curtains. The roof ripped open and the superstructure twisted completely out of shape under the pressure.

Figure 2    [W. Jaspers]


Traffic was disrupted for around three hours, at times with severe hold ups.
A salvage team was called in and secured the trailer provisionally with straps. An hour’s very slow drive took the truck to the yard of the salvage company (2 km away)
The superstructure was a complete write-off
The entire load needed to be transfered to another truck
Driver, owner and loader of the truck were summonsed

Figure 3    [W. Jaspers]

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