Securing cargo in road transport
Who knows the truth?

Prof. Hermann Kaps
[German version]


1 Investigation of load assumptions
1.1  Full braking
1.2  Cornering
1.3  Lane changing
1.4  Obstacle avoidance
1.5  Rolling factor
2 Conventional rules and calculation methods
2.1  Direct lashing
   2.1.1  Securing against sliding
   2.1.2  Securing against tipping
2.2  Tie-down lashing
   2.2.1  Securing against sliding
   2.2.2  Securing against tipping
3 Extended approaches
3.1  Cargo movement
3.2  Deformation and force development of securing devices
3.3  Horizontal components of tie-down lashings
3.4  Semi-dynamic approach to calculation
   3.4.1  Iterative method
   3.4.2  Selective methods
3.5  Fully dynamic approach to calculation
4 Practical examples
4.1  Direct securing in the longitudinal direction with belts and timber blocking
4.2  Direct securing with chains at unfavorable angles
4.3  Securing against sliding in the longitudinal direction with slack tie-down lashing
4.4  Securing against sliding in the transverse direction by slack tie-down lashings
5 Summary, outlook and objectives
5.1  Load assumptions
5.2  Rolling factor
5.3  Conventional balance calculation methods
5.4  Cargo movement and deformation of securing devices
5.5  Calculation methods

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