Cargo information [German version]

The cornerstone of TIS is the comprehensive cargo information pages which provide details of around 190 kinds of cargoes ranging from agricultural to industrial products.

Table of contents

Alphabetical list of products
Cargo site map
Animal-derived fibers and textile fibers
Expeller/extraction meal/pellets – feedstuffs made from cereals or oil cake (food industry residues)
Fats and oils of animal origin
Fats and oils of vegetable origin
Fruit/vegetables/nuts/foods of vegetable origin
Lumber/Lumber products
Meat/fish/dairy products – foods of animal origin
Metal/Steel products
Motor vehicles
Oil-bearing seeds/fruits
Paper/Semifinished lumber products
Products/raw materials of the semiluxury item and food industry
Textiles/Textile products
Vegetable-derived fibers, textile fibers, basketwork materials and cushioning materials

Structure of the cargo information pages
Various references and information from the cargo information pages

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