Photo of the month – December 2015 –
Christmas special 8
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A different slant

Photo of the month - December 2015 - Christmas special 8

Figure 1 [Raymond Lausberg]

The potential dangers of soft, lightweight loads are often underestimated. What on Earth can happen if a large bag of mineral wool falls on your foot? Nothing at all, of course. But if the same bag is lying on the open road when you are cruising at 70 km/h then you will instinctively veer out of the way and end up in a field or against a tree. And if it is projected at 60&xnbsp;km/h against a bus stop where several people, buggies and maybe a wheelchair are waiting, then this soft cargo can become a deadly threat.

What can we learn from this? Even soft cargoes have to be secured correctly. And because no pretensioning is possible, direct lashings must be used instead of tie-down lashings. And if, for any reason, that is not possible, we have one more tip – a tight fit on all sides.

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