Photo of the month – December 2011 –
Christmas Special 8
[German version]

Short logs loaded crosswise, a rare sight nowadays

Photo of the month - December 2011 - Christmas special 8

Figure 1  [Peter Alexander]

Fortunately, it is only very rarely that you encounter this method of loading short logs. The reason is quite simply the high risks in respect of road safety. It is possible that the stanchions that have been inserted are sufficient to secure the load to the front and back, but the load is completely unsecured to the sides.

It is not possible to see the loading surface from the pictures. Perhaps the bottom layer of logs is resting on rows of wedges. These would then be secured as a tight fit.

The logs on top of these are, however, secured by friction alone. It is not possible for a belt passed over the load to reach all the logs, which means that the friction will not be increased homogeneously by the pressure exerted by the belt.

Fortunately, loading recommendations are available in the TIS that show carriers how to do it properly.

Loading Recommendation for logs loaded crosswise (German only), PDF document

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