Photo of the month − December 2008 −
Special 2
[German version]

Sofa athwartships

Figure 1 [Wolfgang Jaspers]

Figure 2 [Wolfgang Jaspers]

As far as this reasonably well informed load-securing columnist is informed, it is of no great significance whether the sofa is loaded lengthwise or crosswise on the roof. The following issues should be checked:

  1. Excess width:
    This should be avoided wherever possible.

  2. Roof load:
    Even if SUVs give the impression of being sturdy, their permitted roof loads are often low. A comparison of the weights would do no harm.

  3. Load securing:
    Tie-down lashings were chosen to secure the load. The form of lashing selected can only be described as idiosyncratic given that it is not possible to calculate the coefficients of friction adequately. A couple of professional direct lashings would be more suited to the risks.

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