Photo of the month – September 2006 [German version]

Figure 1 [Zucker & Partner]

"What does September 2006 have in store for us?"

In September 2004 Hurricane Ivan, which for a time reached the highest possible category on the hurricane scale (category 5: in excess of 250 kph), swept across the Caribbean island of Grenada with winds of up to 185 kph (category 3). At the end of August and in September 2005, it was the category 5 hurricanes Katrina and Rita that wreaked devastation in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Figure 2 [Zucker & Partner]

Toppled yachts on Grenada after Hurricane Ivan.

Figure 3 [Zucker & Partner]

Figure 4 [Zucker & Partner]

Figure 5 [Zucker & Partner]

Stranded, half-sunk catamaran.

Figure 6 [Zucker & Partner]

Catamaran which was blown over.

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