Photo of the month – August 2006 [German version]

Figure 1 [Detlef Scharf]

"Close your eyes and hope" …

… is probably what the car driver was thinking when he forced the truck-trailer combination onto the soft verge.

Figure 2 [Detlef Scharf]

After heavy rains, the verge was so soft that the tractor unit immediately sank into the ground after maneuvering to avoid the car. A crane was needed to recover the vehicle and its load undamaged.

The truck had 6 pallets of cement loaded, and the trailer was empty. There was no danger to third parties as a result of the load breaking free. The sacks of cement were not loaded above the height of the side wall of the loading area. Furthermore, the pallets were loaded as a tight fit to the headboard and secured with belts to the side.

Figure 3 [Detlef Scharf]

Figure 4 [Detlef Scharf]

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