Photo of the month – July 2006 [German version]

Figure 1 [Capt. V. Massey, Barcelona]


The ambulances are secured on flatracks ready to be loaded onto a container ship.

Figure 2 [Capt. V. Massey, Barcelona]

During loading, the flatrack collided with the cell guide in the hold of the container ship. This dislodged one of the wire cables from its slinging point (to the left rear as seen). As a result, the flatrack and its load tilted about 30° to the side.

Figure 3 [Capt. V. Massey, Barcelona]

A short while afterwards, the entire cargo unit tilted 90° and the wire cable to the right front came loose.

Figure 4 [Capt. V. Massey, Barcelona]

Finally, the container and its load tilted through 180°, the lashings tore and the vehicle fell on its side onto the containers already stowed in the hold.

Figure 5 [Capt. V. Massey, Barcelona]

Figure 6 [Capt. V. Massey, Barcelona]

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