Photo of the month – July 2005 [German version]

Figure 1


A long-distance freight carrier was transporting 20 special pallets of bare copper wire for windings.

On arrival at the recipient, the driver reversed up to the loading ramp after lowering the tail lift of the truck. He then lifted the special pallet and its precisely fitted reusable drum slightly on a pallet jack. Then he had to move the truck another 4 meters or so to be able to unload at another gate.

Without thinking that the pallet truck and its load were completely unsecured, he moved the truck forwards with the tail lift open.

The pallet jack, complete with the special pallet and its load simply rolled off the loading area of the truck. The packaging broke open and the copper wire slid out of the drum: 990 kg of special copper wire now had nothing more than scrap value. The financial damage after subtracting the scrap value was 5,000 euros.

That really wasn’t necessary!

Figure 2

Figure 3

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