Photo of the month – May 2005 [German version]

Figure 1 [C. Orth]

The importance of keeping your trap shut!

In the vicinity of a junction, the articulated truck drove round a long 90° bend at a speed of about 40 km/h. It was loaded with beverage crates on pallets. The top crates were wrapped together with a narrow packing strap. This type of load securing facilitates loading and unloading of the pallets, since the risk of each of the individual "towers of crates" tipping is reduced. But the strap cannot be regarded as a serious load securing mechanism.

While the truck was negotiating the bend, the crates tipped against the folding side walls with the result that the latches opened and a large part of the load parted company with the trailer. According to the driver, the latches were properly closed. The driver was not carrying any additional load securing material. The trailer had no other facilities for securing the pallets in any other way.

Figure 2 [C. Orth]

Figure 3 [C. Orth]

Figure 4 [C. Orth]

Figure 5 [C. Orth]

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