Photo of the month – January 2005 [German version]

Figure 1 [Stefan Zucker & Partner GmbH]

Motor yacht on its maiden flight!

The journey of a Sunseeker 50 motor yacht from Riga to Moscow ended abruptly in a ditch just outside Moscow.

The motor yacht had been loaded on a steel frame which had been lashed down to a trailer using belts.

The articulated truck was forced to avoid another oncoming truck, skidded, and finally threw the motor yacht off the side. The motor yacht hit the ground on its side, overturned and finally landed bottom up.

Nothing is known about the type of load securing that was used. However transportation on a low loader would probably have had a less serious outcome. This is because a lower center of gravity of the entire unit reduces the tilting moment, and thus lowers the danger of the vehicle and its load starting to oscillate and skid.

Figure 2 [Stefan Zucker & Partner GmbH]

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