Photo of the month – March 2004 [German version]

Figure 1

Pressed paper bales simply rolled off off the back of a truck:

The A7/A70 autobahn intersection at Werneck, Germany. A truck with trailer was heading north along the A7 highway. Both truck and trailer were loaded with pressed paper bales. The bales were loaded in two rows, two layers high. But the load was not secured. The truck and trailer were of the "tarpaulin truck" type with fixed side panels to a height of 80 cm topped with bows and tarpaulin.

At the Werneck intersection, the truck driver turned onto the A 70 slip road toward Schweinfurt. This transition road has a tight bend and is thus subject to a 60 km/h speed restriction. At the apex of the curve, the centrifugal forces became so great that the load shifted to the left. The side panels of the truck were able to absorb these forces. But the tarpaulin and bows were not sufficient to restrain the second layer.

A number of paper bales burst through the tarpaulin and fell onto the main carriageway of the A70.

Figure 2 – Little white arrow: Just in passing … another "smart" method of securing a load!

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7 – Subsequent securing of the load

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