Photo of the month – September 2003 [German version]

Figure 1    [Reuters/E-Lance Media], click to enlarge the picture

10 against 1:

Antwerp, July 2003: the container ship PELICAN I was forced to the wrong side of the fairway as a result of bank effect* or squat* and collided with another container ship.

The collision ripped a hole some 20 meters in length along the starboard side of the ship’s hull. The machine room and hold five were flooded. The PELICAN I lost all maneuverability and was listing severely. In order to prevent the ship from sinking, a number of tugs were used to press her up against a sandbank.

They held the PELICAN I in place for a week during which some 300 plus containers were unloaded. Only then was it possibly to tow her to the nearest port.

* Bank effect: When a ship passes close to shallows or to the shore, suctional forces are created which may cause the ship to sheer.
** Squat: Suctional effect that occurs in shallow water and pulls down the rear of the ship.

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