Photo of the month – October 2002 [German version]

Figure 1    [M. Radant, river police service, Kiel]

Oh dear, that one wasn’t tied down too well

This double-deck vehicle carrying several automobiles braked normally at a red light. This deceleration was enough to make the vehicle on top „drop off“ the front. The automobile was secured with just one three-point lashing belt tightened over one of its wheels. Neither stirrups nor wheel chocks were used. During the trip, the belt had loosened and slipped off to one side, which meant that the vehicle was unsecured on the loading area and was able roll off when the carrier braked.

The automobile product page provides information about safe transport of automobiles.

Further Figures:

Figure 2    [M. Radant, river police service, Kiel]

Figure 3    [M. Radant, river police service, Kiel]

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