Dutch/German truck inspections 1999 [German version]

On 22nd-23rd April 1999, a truck inspection operation was carried out on the A30 highway at the former border crossing into the Netherlands. The operation involved 142 Dutch and German officials, the Federal Labor Court, customs authorities, Federal Labor Department and eleven load securing experts from transport insurers within GDV. Load securing has become a highly significant issue since the first joint inspection with the local authorities.

At the beginning of this major inspection, the Interior Minister of Lower Saxony and the German and Dutch police chiefs emphasized the great importance of load securing and such inspections.

Given the results (shortcomings in over 80% of cases), the greater importance attached to this issue by the authorities can only be considered a partial success for the work of transport insurers‘ loss prevention committee within GDV.

A brief selection of pictures from the load securing inspection operation:

White cabbages Steel pipes
Copper sheet Cartons
Slabs Agricultural vehicles
Steel profiles Hazardous materials

Truck loaded with white cabbages

kohl1b.jpg (2402 Byte)

Figure 1
kohl2b.jpg (2766 Byte)

Figure 2
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Figure 3
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Figure 4

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Truck loaded with copper sheet

stahl1b.jpg (2190 Byte)

Figure 5
stplatten1b.jpg (2346 Byte)

Figure 6

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Truck loaded with slabs

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Figure 7
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Figure 8

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Truck loaded with steel profiles

stahl2b.jpg (2472 Byte)

Figure 9

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Truck loaded with steel pipes

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Figure 10
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Figure 11

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Truck loaded with cartons

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Figure 12

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Truck loaded with agricultural vehicles

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Figure 13
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Figure 14

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Van loaded with hazardous materials

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Figure 15

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